June 24, 2024 (आषाढ़ ११, २०८१, सोमवार)
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Shine Development Bank Ltd. was established in Butwal-Rupandehi, western Nepal's economic and industrial center, on Falgun 11, 2065 BS with service regions spanning three districts. After merging with Resunga Bikas Bank on 2069, Chaitra 4 from Gulmi Region, the development bank was renamed Shine Resunga Development Bank Ltd., and its service territories were expanded to ten districts. The development bank was further merged with Gaumukhi Bikas Bank from Pyuthan district on Jestha 29, 2073 BS. With acquisition of Bhaargav Bikas Bank and Purnima Bikas Bank on 2076, Ashwin 27 the development bank was upgraded to a national level development bank on 2076 Mangshir 10. Headquartered in Butwal, Rupandehi district, the development bank prioritizes easy financial access for both urban and rural customers following all the directives issued by Nepal Rastra Bank and other prevailing laws and regulations.


To be a ‘Development Bank of Choice’ by practicing value-based banking and fulfilling the expectations of wider communities through innovative banking products and services.


Delivering unique and innovative, inclusive and excellent service to the customers, creating values to the investors, offering high performance culture and employee wellbeing, and contributing for sustainable economic development.


1. Professional Ethics:

We aim to achieve our objectives by maintaining high standard of professional ethics and commit to maintain integrity all the times including while dealing with the customers, complying with the Acts, Rules, Regulations and Directives and discharging our responsibilities. Furthermore, we aim to in-build self-regulation as a culture in every team member. 

2. Teamwork:

Teamwork produces superior results. Therefore, our core values are to build up the team and exert the effort collectively to accomplish the set goals.  

3. Customer Satisfaction:

Our focus shall be on satisfying the customers and growing sustainable relationship with them rather than concentrating in short-term benefits.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility:

The Development Bank, being an integral part of the society, undertakes its responsibilities to contribute towards broader social goals.

5. Improvements and Innovation 

Continuous improvements on the plans, processes, actions & skills of the employees enables the development Bank to have competitive advantage and coping with the external environment better. Likewise, innovation in our products and services will help us reap the benefits of first-mover advantage.


"Shine for your Shining Life".

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