July 18, 2024 (श्रावण ३, २०८१, बिहिवार)
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Salary Saving
Interest Rate3.01%
Minimum Balance100

1.     Introduction

SRDBL has designed product name "Salary Saving" which is used to deposit salaries and financial benefits for staffs provided by bank. 

2.     Eligibility:

1.     Salaried/Wages based employees of SRDBL.

3.     Minimum balance and Interest Rate:

1.     Minimum balance : NPR 100/00

2.     Interest rate shall be applicable as determined by ALCO committee of the bank from time to time.

3.     Interest payment frequency : Quarterly on daily closing balance

4.     Documentation

1.     As per Operation Policy/AML& CFT policy/NRB Directives.

5.     Waiver

1.     Free Mobile Banking, Debit Card & Internet Banking Facility.

2.     No security deposit required for locker facility for permanent staff of SRDBL.

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