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Debit Card

Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited (SRDBL) is a national level development bank. The bank is  giving VISA Debit card facility to the customer under NIBL Network.




issuance of Debit Card

NPR.1400/- per card         

NPR.350/-per card

  • for customers who wishes to pay charge
  • validity of card will be for 5 years 

  • for customers who wishes to pay charge on installment i.e. NRs. 350/- per year
  • For customer who wishes to pay charges at one time i.e. NRs. 1,400/- per year
  • validity of card will be for 5 years 
Replacement/Reissues/Renew of Debit Card
NPR.350/-per replacement/reissue
Pin Regeneration NPR.100/-Per regeneration 
Debit card not collected within 1 Year NPR.350/-per cardOr Available amount in the account if A/C Balance is less than applicable charge 
Destruction of uncollected re-pinNPR 150/-per pinOr Available amount in the account if A/C Balance is less than applicable charge 
Card blocked charges at the time of account closedNPR 100Or Available amount in the account if A/C Balance is less than applicable charge 
Cash withdrawal limit and charges:

Within SRDBL ATMs Terminals Free
VISA Terminals in NepalNPR 15/- Per Transaction

VISA Terminals in  IndiaNPR 250/-per Transactions 
 Maximum cash withdrawal per transactions 

NPR 25000/- (Nepal) 

INR 10000 (India)

Maximum cash withdrawal per day 

NPR 100000/- (Nepal)

INR 10000 (India)

Maximum cash withdrawal per month

NPR 400000 (Nepal)

INR 100000 (India)

Purchase per transaction

NPR 50000(Nepal)

NPR 25000(India)

Purchase Per day

NPR 100000(Nepal)

NPR 50000(India)

Purchase Per Month

NPR 300000(Nepal)


Transaction per day count

10 Times (Nepal)

5 Times(India)

Balance Enquiry:

Within SRDBL ATMs Terminals

VISA Terminals in Nepal

VISA Terminals in India


NPR 15/- Per Transaction

NPR 50/- Per Transaction

Foreign Bank Cards in SRDBL ATMs Access Fee

NPR 500/- Per Transaction

Safety Tips for Handling Card:

  • You are advised to memorize your PIN code and destroy PIN Mailer.
  • Do not keep your PIN with your Debit Card and do not disclose it to anyone. Always keep your PIN secure by memorizing it instead of noting it down anywhere especially on the back of your card and never keep the PIN number in the wallet, where the Card is kept.
  • You are advised to change PIN provided by the bank at the time of using your card for the first time and periodically thereafter.
  • Your card is only for your own use. You are advised not to permit possession of the card to any other person.
  • Always keep the copy of the bill and the payment slip and ATM receipt for all transactions, till you verify and tally with your account statement.
  • Check your account statement on regular basis. In case of any discrepancy, please inform to the Bank within 30 days of transaction date.
  • Please do not bend your Debit Card or leave it exposed to sunlight, heat or electricity, Things with magnets.
  • Never leave your Card unattended anywhere including at merchant outlets and ATM.
  • Keep the phone numbers of the Development Bank in a place other than the wallet that nest your Card. If your wallet gets picked, you can easily access the emergency number.

Card Department

Central Office, Butwal

Tel.No 071-415502/415503

9857082498 - SRDBL Card Support-24 Hours

email address:

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