May 25, 2024 (जेठ १२, २०८१, शनिवार)
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Shine Baal Bachat Khata
Interest Rate3.01%
Minimum Balance0

1.      Introduction

Shine Baal BachatKhata is the product specially designed for the minor. Targeted for the secured future of children, it's the deposit product that will help parents to save for the future expenses of their children. This product inculcates saving habits among children.

2.      Eligibility:

1.      Children of minor age (minor age shall be as defined by Gov. of Nepal)

3.      Minimum balance and Interest Rate:

1.      Minimum balance : Zero

2.      Interest payment frequency : Quarterly on daily closing balance

4.      Documentation

1.        Citizenship and 2 PP size Photo

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