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Shine Remittance Bachat Khata
Interest Rate3.01%
Minimum Balance1000

Shine Remittance BachatKhata

1.     Introduction

Shine Remittance deposit is design to promote remittance from banking channel with providing additional rate on deposits.

2.     Features

1.     Customer can get additional 1 % interest rate than other saving deposit product

2.     Customers are allowed to credit amount received from foreign employment, interest received from Remittance FD and government payment only.

3.     Eligibility:

1.     Account holder should be Foreign Employees(who are currently in foreign employment or going for foreign employment) having ‘Shram Swirkiti’ from Nepal government.

2.     Customer should declare that s/he has not maintained remittance saving account on other BFIs.  

3.  Customers who are maintaining saving account are also allowed to open additional account on remittance saving deposit product.

4.     Minimum Balance and Interest Rate :

1.     Minimum balance : NPR 1000/00

2.     Interest payment frequency : Quarterly on daily closing balance

5.     Documentation

1.     Citizenship copy with two passport size photo.

2.     Sharam swirkiti letter from Nepal government

3.     Declaration of not maintaining remittance account on other BFIs

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